If we are talking about paid traffic, then yes you are wasting money (and possibly lots of it).

paid trafficWe have seen time and time again in the paid traffic world, where the visitor is being shown a very specific ad and then they are delivered to a very generic home page. The main issues here are twofold.

1. The ad title and description rarely matches the information on the home page. Your visitor will arrive, and then be confused because their expectant information was not what they were after. They will vote in two ways. Either by clicking back on their browser only to go and click on your competitors ad, or they ‘may’ take some time and investigate further links on your site. With the years of data we have at our fingertips, we know the latter does not happen that much.

2. The visitor arrives at your home page, only to be met with multiple calls to action, and 20 or 30 links to other pages on your site. Confusion overload now occurs, and the visitor is now in the same situation as above.

landing page revenue

Landing pages are designed to improve your ROI

Our average client here at Oracle Digital has an Adspend of roughly $5,000 per month. Let’s use this figure and say it is your own adspend, and you are using all this budget to send traffic directly to your home page.

  • Let’s say your average cost per click (CPC) is $2.50. That buys you 2000 clicks. 
  • We can say in this example, that your lifetime revenue per sale is $3000
  • Your website captures web leads at a rate of 1.5%, or 30 leads per 1000 clicks.
  • You are a decent salesman, and you convert 25% of these leads into sales. This equates to 7.5 sales. 7.5 x $3000 lifetime value = $22,500

That is the benchmark, now let’s look at improving that with dedicated landing pages

Just say you get dedicated landing pages built. The ad copy now actually matches the message on the page, and only speaks about this. We now also remove any other links or distractions on the landing page, so that there is only one call to action – Fill in the web form.

Because you created good page copy, and matched it with a relevant and stunning product image, you have now engaged your visitors much better.

Your conversion rate now goes from 1.5% (or 30 leads per 1000 visitors) to 2.25%. Does not sound a great deal, yet it is actually a 50% increase in the number of web leads you have now received. And this is for the same adspend budget of $5,000.

  • Now you will get 45 leads per 1000 visitors. You close your leads to sale ration still at 25%. You lifetime value is still $3000 per customer.
  • The lifetime revenue we are now left with for the $5000 adspend, is $33,750

This is an increase of $11,250 of lifetime revenue, just from the same monthly adspend budget.

Do you see the value in increasing your web enquiry lead conversion rates through the use of dedicated landing pages now?

We here at Oracle Digital specialise is testing and measurement of landing pages, designed to convert and deliver leads. Get in touch to see how we can make these revenue improvements.

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Kirk went into the tech sector straight out of school in 1978 - how many of you were even born then? Kirk has worked in hardware, software development, support, sales, product marketing, general management and web marketing without actually mastering any of the above, however, he still keeps on trying - bless him!!!