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Measure Everything

Analysis - Data Mining

The collecting, analysing and understanding of the data that underpins your company, industry, customers and competitors is by far the most important activity in marketing.

What Are Your Company's Objectives?

Call them goals or objectives, call them KPIs. They are are the key factors by which you will be able to define and measure the success of your marketing.

Whether you are looking to build your brand, make more sales, launch a new product or enter a new market, you must define & document the relevant objectives and stipulate the key success criteria.

What Does Historical Data Tell You About Your Market and the Habits of Your Customers?

Today there is an awesome amount of actual, real, historical data available about your customers.

Who Are Your Customers, where do they congregate, when are they likely to be receptive and what is the actual message that will reach them?

This information reflects the actual decisions they have made rather than their opinions.

You can access this information, analyse it in depth and make highly intelligent and well-researched decisions that will drive your marketing dollar further and hence improve your ROI.

Strategy - the What, the Where and the Why

Once you have collated and analysed the data it will drive the setting of the strategies that your business should employ to gain the best return for your marketing investment.

What Mix of Offline and Online Marketing Will Work for You?

It is rarely ever the case that your business should rely only on one specific form of marketing.

After all, your target customer is likely active in many places. The data should suggest the places where your marketing spend will have the most impact.

How is the Marketing Budget Split Between Different Marketing Initiatives?

This is a critical decision which should not be made based upon the "way it has always been done" or the input of the latest media company you have engaged.

Your marketing investment strategy should be heavily dependent upon what the data is telling you about your company objectives, your industry and the activities of your target customers.

In Which Locations and When Do You Advertise?

If your target customer lives in Facebook and is more active on a mobile device in the evenings between 7pm and 10pm then it would make sense to try some Facebook advertising based upon this data.

Likewise, if your product is more "industrial" and more likely to be searched during working hours on Google then you may primarily target Google Adwords or Bing Ads during those times.

Implementation - Executing Your Strategies

There is no point at all in getting your analysis and strategies correct if your execution is leaving money on the table, or worse still, creating a market for your competitors to exploit.

Are You Currently Spending Your Budget on Marketing That Delivers Poor Results?

This could be the fault of little or no up-front data analysis, poor strategies or poor execution.

In terms of execution, it could be your marketing campaign structures that are at fault or it could be due to your website.

Paid Web Marketing Can Deliver Great Results When Done Correctly

Paid web marketing such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Social Media Marketing is more complicated than placing an ad in the Yellow Pages.

Getting it right takes extensive knowledge and experience.

Is Your Website a Black Hole?

If your website looks good but does not convert site visitors to leads or sales then, likely you are either getting the wrong visitors to your website or your website is not very good at converting visitors to leads.

What Is SEO Today & How can It Still Deliver Results for Your Business?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has changed incredibly over the last 4 years yet we still see people deploying the same strategies and execution that worked back then.

Modern SEO places your customers first. Give them what they are searching for and Google will reward you.

Measurement - What Works, What Doesn't and Why

There is an awesome amount of data available to help measure and fine tune your marketing over time. Failure to use this information is like putting your cash through a shredder.

What Can Be Measured?

There is very little marketing that cannot be measured by those that know how the correctly set up each campaign.

It does not matter if your marketing is online or offline. Techniques exist to effectively measure both and to bring the results together for meaningful ongoing improvement.

The More You Measure the More You Can Improve

Field Marshall von Moltke famously stated that "no battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy". Marketing is no different.

Execution of your strategies will result in data that can be fed back to improve your strategies and therefore improve the return on your investment.

About Oracle Digital

We are a results focussed, boutique marketing agency specialising in the use of data, analysis, strategy & measurement to deliver outstanding advice and results for your marketing investment.

Personal Service Makes All the Difference

At Oracle Digital you get to work with the people that own the business directly. We take personal responsibility for your results.

We have been in the business of digital marketing and web development for over 10 years and, as business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges you face in driving revenue, profitability & growth because they are also our challenges.

We Focus On Facts & Results

No amount of hits on your website, time on site or high click through rate stats matter if your are getting no leads or the quality of leads is poor.

We never lock people into long term contracts nor do we hold their data or resources to ransom if they decide to move on.