Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable – William Pollard

The marketing industry and, most especially, digital marketing is all about change yet we see agencies that are still delivering tactics that stopped working years ago. Oracle Digital Marketing is big enough to look after you but small enough to adapt quickly to change that matters.

  • A boutique agency where you get to work directly with the business owners
  • Focussed on the KPIs that matter to business owners
  • Obsessed with using data mining and analysis to minimise guesswork and opinions
  • Committed to understanding your business, industry & customers
  • Open, honest with a firm belief in mutually rewarding engagements

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James Corby – Managing Director, Leader & Entrepreneur

My focus is to deliver profitable outcomes for my clients by developing bespoke, data-driven marketing strategies that use creative ideas and our industry expertise.

As a business leader and entrepreneur, I value fearless creativity and inspire loyalty.My hard won experience has taught me that creative people need passion and courage to face their fears and to achieve their potential. To do this they require trust, mentoring and nurturing from their leaders.

Their leaders need to create an environment that motivates and inspires them to take risks, generating both strong financial returns and a healthy dividend for the body and soul.

My philosophies in business, as in life, centre around the practice of loyalty.

Loyalty isn’t an abstract concept or a buzzword to me; it’s something I give and I expect to receive in return. It’s at the heart of all my key professional and personal relationships.

I’ve learned that in order to receive loyalty from clients and staff, you have to give loyalty in return.

The willingness to be fearlessly creative and surround myself with fiercely loyal people has enabled me to be bold in building my career and the Oracle Digital business.

My vision for Oracle Digital is to grow a business that attracts tech-savvy, creative and restlessly energetic people and nurtures their dreams to bring new technology products and services to the world.

Leadership requires vision and courage. The vision to see what needs to change and how it could be done better, and the courage to do the hard yards and fight the battles against naysayers, competitors and especially against your own doubts and fears.

Working in the WA resources and technology sectors and with web-based businesses has demonstrated to me the absolute necessity to embrace change and new technology in order to drive greater productivity and business resilience and most importantly, unlocked the creative potential of people.

My focus is to deliver profitable outcomes for my clients by developing bespoke, data-driven marketing strategies that use creative ideas and our industry expertise.

Our strategies are aligned with and based on, a sound knowledge of your business growth objectives and the values that drive you and your company.

Kirk O’Connor – Executive Director, Chief Operations Officer

Every job I have had whether it be technician, programmer, systems analyst, business development, sales management, General Manager, Director of Marketing or business owner has been at least 95% about customer service. Only the customers differ.

Kirk has spent his entire career in the information technology industry in various companies and roles. This amounts to close on 40 years of learning opportunities.

Kirk’s early career was with international IT company NCR Corporation where he had extensive high level experience as part of the team managing the strategic Coles Myer account.

Moving from a big multi-national to a small high tech startup in 1990, Kirk joined Australian electronic payment and data security startup Intellect Australia.

During a second 10 year career in which the company grew from 5 local entrepreneurial enthusiasts to over 200 global professionals Kirk progressed from sales evangelist for the Australian operation to the role of General Manager of Product Marketing for the company globally. In 1999 Kirk was appointed General Manager of Intellect’s Asia Pacific region.

Intellect Australia was awarded the Australian Exporter of the Year Award in 1994 and Kirk spent much time travelling to various countries to support and train the company’s local offices and customer base during his time with the company.

Kirk started his own business in 2004 to provide business & marketing leadership for high tech startups in Perth.

During these years Kirk was heavily involved in startup funding and IPOs for several high technology companies working with diverse technologies including flat screen technology, photonics for wide area networks and fibre to the home and satellite telecommunications telemetry technologies.

Kirk became a Director of Oracle Digital in January 2014.

Kirk has a flair for building hi-tech startups with process driven business management systems whilst his international marketing, customer support and solution development experience drives quality outcomes for our clients.