From any perspective you know, good data drives revenue so it’s no surprise that Data & Advisory is the first product group in our chain.

This group of products is probably our most powerful group of products because we see them as not only the most authoritative or highest value products, but they’re really good to ensure the client, the market and the client’s existing and potential customers are properly analysed and understood.

A Forensic Analysis of Your Business

The first step is more of a forensic analysis of the business as it stands to understand what data sets are available and the scope and accuracy of that data.

That done then analysis continues with understanding the ways the business currently uses those data sets in the decision making process.

Whilst the above may seem an obvious and simple task, the process could lead to significant insights especially when the data sets are viewed in relationship to each other.

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Digital Advisory

Following the first step we are looking to take the results of that process and apply a “digital transformation” to amplify the results. Many traditional businesses have a very “Jordan Belfort” style business model. Pick the phone up, tele sales, high energy, high contact.

This is fine and indeed exemplary, however, they commonly do not go to the next step which is to deploy digital technologies to drive their marketing in the digital landscape.

Commonly we find ourselves saying “hey, you’ve been really narrow minded here in saying you want better marketing outcomes, but really what you need to do to achieve this is to transform your organisation from a traditional marketing entity, and look at digital as being a serious priority in driving the marketing experience across all of your verticals. “Think of it as a digital audit for a brand. As if a brand came to us and said, “can you tell us how do you see our brand in the digital landscape? And against that of our competitors?”

This product methodology that we’ve used as a data research exercise to propel a PR campaign, is the exact deliverable we would give to a client who wanted an data audit across their digital marketing landscape.

Insights & Improvement of Data Campaigns

One of the interesting things around data systems that goes beyond marketing and analytics, is our ability to use data management platforms where we’ve got big campaigns across a lot of channels, to pull data back into a central point and to crunch the data for insights and management / improvement of marketing campaigns.

So, again coming back to that ROI and outcomes environment we are able to work with our clients to put an analytic strategy in place and technologies behind that for overarching outcomes.So, you can measure what’s important along the way, report that back to the client then use the insights that come out of it to propel improvement and continue revenue generation.

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