Using our data analysis to set your marketing strategies ensure you will never leave your marketing success to luck.

At OD we work very closely with you to align your marketing strategy to the objectives of your business, the benefits of your products & services and the online habits of your customers.

  • Align your strategy with your business KPIs
  • Set strategies with full knowledge of what your customers are thinking
  • Select the best & never be limited to this or that marketing channel
  • Set yourself free from the opinions of “so-called” marketing experts
  • Use continuous measurement to fine tune your strategies

Our Process

Why our strategic approach is so important to your marketing success?

Focus on the essential first

What use is a marketing campaign if it does not align with the objectives of your business be they financial or brand driven?

Is such a campaign useful if it does not take into account the unique selling proposition of your products and services?

And if it ignore’s the historical actions of your customers?

Aligning Your Strategy to Your Business

AT OD we go to great lengths to understand your business first. We ask tough questions and expect brutal honesty from you.

Marketing is not about our opinion or your opinion. It is about facts so be ready to grilled and to grill us.

Working through this together will ensure we have a combined understanding of what constitutes success in your marketing campaigns.

Aligning Your Campaigns With Your Customers

Having access to data about what your customers do online allows us to analyse their activities and to align your strategies to take best advantage.

This takes the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns giving you the opportunity to be successful sooner rather than later.

Our strategies can focus on where your customers congregate and where they are most likely to recognise your ad and take action.

The Strategic Approach Saves Money

How often do you hear of a marketing strategy that is continued simply because it has always been done that way?

How many companies spread their marketing budget multiple channels hoping that one of them will make a return on their ROI?

A data driven, strategic approach takes away the guesswork allowing you to invest your budget where it is most likely to deliver.

We ensure you get our complete focus whilst setting strategies

We take the formulation of strategies for your marketing so seriously that we engage all of our senior personnel in these sessions.

Both James and Kirk will bring their unique experience and skills to bear on turning the data we have gathered into actions.

Of course, we lean heavily on your knowledge of your company and your industry during these sessions.

Working together with the data analysis our combined team will be in sync with what needs to be achieved and when it needs to happen.

Our Process

Our Strategy Setting Process

Business Analysis – Your Business & Industry

Understanding your KPIs for your marketing campaigns comes first. There is no point planning an office block if the business needs an apartment block.

Prospective budgets are also important as they help determine the options for which marketing strategies are most appropriate.

It is also essential that we get to the unique selling properties of your products and services and the strengths and weaknesses of your competition in the market.

Data Analysis – Data Mining

With the information from the business analysis available we are able to dig deep into mining the historical data which will tell us what your customers are doing in your market.

This is far more complex than a bit of keyword research as it highlights relationships between different terms which delivers a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.

The results of the data analysis are reviewed with you to deliver greater clarity and to remove any areas that do not align with the business objectives.

The Strategy Session

With the business KPIs and the data on the table we are then ready to work with you to identify which marketing platforms to target.

Whether it is offline or online marketing we can agree deployment and measurement strategies and work out budgets and timeframe for each campaign.

We can focus on the message that will resonate with your customers which, of course, may differ between different media platforms and between different products and services.

Execution & Measurement

The final stage of the process is converting our strategies into actions and executing those actions.

It is rare there is a perfect strategy day one so we put in place trigger mechanisms wherever possible to ensure we know the success ratio of each campaign in order to drive improvement.

With OD you are never in the dark when it comes to understanding the performance of your marketing campaigns.