Often we see some of our clients max out their online advertising budgets. It happens from those with a $4,000 p/m adspend to those on a $40,000 p/m budget. Sometimes it may be because of a clients cash flow and current circumstances, and for those really on the move they have actually maxed out the available volume of paid search traffic.

Regardless of which of the above category you may fit in to, we have had spectacular success with our dedicated landing page strategy’s these last 6 months.

So spectacular that we have seen clients double their revenue overnight in certain online advertising channels.

To a client that brings in over $100,000 of revenue per month to all of a sudden be turning over $200,000 with the same budget, that is massive news and is positively life changing for those business owners.

conversion worksIn most cases there will be multiple online traffic channels/adgroups where this can be applied to. While a 100% increase in revenue does not happen all the time, it does as a matter of fact happen regularly.

A conversion rate is just simple maths

Bring 100 visitors to a web page and one of them makes a purchase. That pages converts at 1%. Make some highly intelligent changes and attack a very specific section of your market and your 100 visitors might now convert at 2 sales or 2%.

Doesn’t sound like much, but it is clearly a 100% increase in revenue. Adjust the numbers to suit your situation and you can quickly figure out where you stand.

We have made this easy for you, check out our various calculators here: Very Special Calculators

When we can take a page that converts at 4% across the board, and recreate a specialised page that converts at 8% and knowing this adds as extra $120,000 of revenue every month to a clients turnover, we get hugely excited.

It’s not just the big guys cleaning up here, it’s across the board.

The strategy in a nutshell

Analyse real time Google consumer data. Segment this data and silo it as only we know how.

Analyse your business to the deepest level, so we know your business as well as you do.

Design and write brilliant copy for extremely specific landing pages that are presented to select market segments.

Have our amazing PPC team adjust (or build new) your AdWords/Bing/Facebook campaign.

Take live.

Client makes money.

Oracle Digital high five each other.

Will this work for my business?

Ask us. We have worked with so many industries over the years we know what works and what doesn’t work so well. We take on any new client with a view that we partner for many years to come, not many months. So if we don’t think it will work for you we will tell you up front (and maybe suggest that you get into Radio advertising backed up by a similar strategy).

So, if you are passionate about growing your business and wresting back control – contact Oracle Digital on 1300 735 715 today!
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