Content is the crossover between traditional media / PR and digital media. The ability of the former to consistently deliver high quality content strategised, amplified and measured by the latter is the key to marketing success…

The content solutions side of Oracle Digital’s business is becoming the biggest driver for the marketing agency side of our business.At Oracle Digital we have access to resources that deliver high quality content in co-operation with your team.

We can produce the following;-

  • Press Articles
  • Custom Articles for your website
  • Video – promotional, interviews, animation etc
  • Photography
  • Podcasts
  • Custom Graphics
  • Advertisements and Ad Copy
  • Websites and landing pages for specific campaigns
  • Email marketing systems & specific campaigns
  • Print magazines
  • Brochures and case studies

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Metrix Publishing

Metrix Publishing is a business that is partially owned and run by Oracle Digital in co-operation with experts in the investor relations and public relations verticals.Metrix publishes the two magazines both in print and online, TechInvest and The Pick. Over time this will become a family of content strategies and publications in a whole range of different spaces, based on strategic partnerships and opportunities.

This is creating a legitimate content publishing and media hub across a range of different verticals.

Both The Pick and TechInvest in print form are distributed as inserts in the Australian Financial Review.

This enhances their perception in the marketplace as they are seen as legitimate media portals and by controlling the platforms we can obviously do some very exciting and results driven digital campaigns and PR.

Metrix Publishing

Our Plans for Metrix Publishing

At Oracle Digital we are firm believers in the marriage between traditional media / public relations and digital marketing.

It is not a marriage of convenience and it is not just a marriage forced upon an industry that is seeing financial difficulties and mass layoffs.

It is a marriage that brings quality content creation by experienced professionals to digital experts who have cut their teeth on generating real business and delivering measurable results to their clients.

The Pick and TechInvest are simply the first children of this marriage and many more will follow.

As the number of our publications in new verticals grows so does our capacity to sell digital PR and Investor Relations services into a range of new and different clients.


Australia’s most well-read investor focussed technology magazine, distributed as an independent insert in ~ 70,000 copies of the Australian Financial Review nationally.

The magazine is also distributed directly to more than 1000 leading institutional fund managers, brokers, analysts, retail investors and key technology / business media in Australia.

Supported by a dedicated website – – TechInvest is published by a team of renowned business and tech journalists and industry commentators.

The Pick

The Pick Magazine is a print & digital magazine published by Metrix Publishing and distributed as an insert in the Australian Financial Review nationally.

Focusing on ASX-listed companies in the resources sector, The Pick features stories on some of Australia’s most innovative and dynamic mining, exploration, engineering and mining services companies.

Supported by a dedicated website – – The Pick is published by a team of renowned business and tech journalists and industry commentators.

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Amplification Services

Our content driven amplification services are not dissimilar to paid, multi-channel paid campaigns.

The nature of the campaigns are often very different, however, when they are focussed on content publishing. What we are promoting is native content rather than an advertising message. The social campaigns are all about “you’ve got to read this”. “This bit of content can’t be missed if you’re an investor looking for the next three hottest or the three emerging investment areas in Australia.”

Small native content paid amplification into targeted audiences around pieces of content, rather than a banner that’s a marketing message (the amplification or the paid amplification through the content & publishing site) is more about promoting content rather than promoting a marketing message.