Once you understand that your website is all about how to satisfy the needs of your customers then you have solved 50% of the problem. We can help you get the rest right too!

Your website is as much an employee of your business as any other. As such, it has a responsibility to contribute to your bottom line.

    • Site structure & content aligned to real consumer data
    • Design for conversion of site visitors to new customers
    • The right technology to suit your needs & market
    • Conversion friendly landing pages for major products & services
    • The marketing of your website online is always a primary consideration
    • A mobile first mentality which aligns with usability trends

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What you need to know about our web development

We plan before we create

Pretty websites might impress your friends, but do they actually get your message across to your target audience?

Our Business Analysis and strategic approach will define the objectives of a new website or series of new landing pages, ensuring that we hit the mark (while still being pretty).

You might not even need a new website

Too much emphasis is often placed upon your business website as being the tool to please everyone.

There is a better way, and it may be a very specialised landing page can be created to really laser target in on a very select group of your target market.

Be prepared for increased revenue for your company.

It’s all about getting you more

Conversion is the word we use, and we strive for higher conversion of leads and sales from the traffic that comes to your website.

Having done what we do for so long now, we know what works (and just as importantly what does not work).

In house development team

We don’t outsource our work, rather we entrust your project to our expert development team.

Our developers share the same passion we all do here at Oracle Digital, and this is clear to see in the finished product.

And you will have access to a director of our business throughout the entire project.

Let Our Work Make All The Difference in Your Online Marketing

Perfect looking pixels unfortunately do not make sales, as much as some people would have you believe.

What does make your business more revenue and more sales is a well planned strategy that takes into account your objectives & your customer’s needs and wants, and having this shine through in any web page that we create for you.

As we keep coming back to, it is our data analysis and strategic planning that will determine the look and feel of each web page that is created.

Different segments of your market will respond better to different words, pictures, and messages. It is our proven interpretation of this data that allows us to deliver such an accurate message to each of your target markets.

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Our Web Design & Development Process

Planning & Preparation

Like any successful outcome, a well thought out and researched plan of attack will pay off handsomely in the short, medium, and long term.

Back this up with our many years of experience in lead generation, and we are in an extremely powerful position in which to launch your next web page for optimal results.

Design & Conversion Begin To Merge

We design our work usually with a particular purpose in mind, based on your objectives & consumer research.

Whatever your business objectives are for this web page, we will use what we know already works and apply this at the design level.

Every person that visits your web page can be capitalised upon in some way and we are in the position to best achieve that for you.

Coding & Client Communication

We only begin coding & development once we have an intelligent plan, strategy and design that we know will give you a head start above what your competitors may be doing online.

Our in house team work closely with your account project manager to ensure a smoothly run and open communication environment.

Deployment & Ticking a Lot of Boxes

When we say ticking boxes we do not mean metaphorically. To ensure the best possible chance of your immediate success, our advanced systems, procedures, and checklists.

Our quality assurance program inside Oracle Digital means that when we deploy your new pages or website, we can stand behind it with total confidence that you are receiving a superior product.