If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” ― H. James Harrington

Digital marketing techniques have brought us the opportunity to measure the success (or lack of) of most if not all of our online and offline marketing.

  • How many leads did you get from phone or form submission?
  • Which marketing channel is delivering most of your leads?
  • How many of those leads made a purchase?
  • What is your total ROI from your marketing?
  • What is your ROI by marketing channel?
  • What can be done to improve your ROI?

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Accurate Measurement of your Complete Marketing Activity Completely Removes All Guesswork

Reporting in Terms your Mother Can Understand

Over the years we have seen some horrendous digital marketing reports and even created a few ourselves

One of my friends is a tiler. He does not care about 99.9% of what I tell him. He wants to know how many leads he got, what it cost him and whether he made a profit on his marketing investment from the sales from those leads.

The rest he says is my problem.

It Takes Experience, Knowledge & Strategic Thinking

Simplicity in reporting is not simple to achieve.

At OD we put as much effort put into the measurement of your campaigns as we do into setting the marketing strategies.

It does not matter how much you know or how much we know for that matter. Opinions, no matter how well informed, are simply opinions and they can often be proved to be wrong.

What Constitutes Success for Your Business?

Honestly, how many times has your marketing agency asked you this question?

Commonly they are way too busy telling you what they will do in terms of actions and promises.

Our data analysis phase establishes what matters to you and your business. Everything else cascades outwards from this knowledge and all measurement should inevitably report to it.

How Can We Shoot Between The Goalposts if No One Knows Where They Are?

A business we rescued was told on leaving their previous supplier that a marketing campaign had done extremely well.

The inference being that the customer was making a poor decision by changing to a new supplier.

The business had complained to us that they had received one lead from this campaign in 18 months.

Now someone got this wrong somewhere and we are not sure who, however, we can guarantee that the success criteria for the customer and the agency were light years apart.

The Measurement Process Can Be Hellishly Technical But That Is Our Problem

Marketing strategies and campaigns vary in their complexity by industry, market business type and size.

At Oracle Digital we are experts at knowing how to put measurements in place to collect the data we need to analyse for meaningful results and continuous improvements.

Technologies and tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Adwords, SEMRush, Moz Analytics, Nuvi, Crazy Egg, Majestic, unique phone numbers and call monitoring and many, many more are all available to suck up an immense amount of data about the performance of a marketing campaign.

Getting a tool to return the data is not the problem. The insightful analysis of that data and the ability to use that data to understand what needs to be improved to meet our client’s KPIs is where Oracle Digital excels.

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Our Measurement & Reporting Process

Business Analysis – What Matters Most To You

It seems obvious what most businesses want. They want lost of leads and / or sales right?.

Too many times we have heard potential new clients complain about the quality (not quantity) of the leads they are getting.

This is just one simple example of where our in-depth business analysis process ensures we all understand (and document) what constitutes a good lead (and a bad one) for your business.

This is just one simple example of where this process aligns your thinking with our actions.

Data Analysis – Understanding the Market Reality

As we say at Oracle Digital “I value your opinion so now lets look at what the data is telling us” (we are very polite here).

It once was true that the opinion that mattered most was the opinion of the HIPPO (the HIghest Paid PersOn). Whilst that may still be true in some businesses most care more about results than egos.

Data rarely lies. It doesn’t have agendas and it is not beholding to lobby groups. If countries used data rather than politicians to
drive key decisions we would all be in a better place.

Strategy – Making the Data Work

No amount of data is worthwhile unless it is related back to the objectives of the business and the realities of the market.

Our strategy setting sessions, both internal and then with our clients, allow us to formulate strategies across various marketing platforms.

During this phase we agree on measurement parameters and methodologies as these need to be put in place as part of the implementation phase.

Implementation & Measurement

Having a robust project management and quality system helps us to get our implementation correct not only in terms of the website or marketing campaign, however, also in terms of the measurement of the key performance indicators for the campaign.

The measurement information that is returned as your marketing campaigns progress is extracted, analysed and processed to provide simple and relevant data that we can discuss towards continually improving your results.