A well structured & regularly executed SEO, content & publication strategy is essential to deliver long term consistent results

Google has moved the goalposts making old ways of doing SEO obsolete. Today it is all about the user & providing / promoting information that is relevant to their needs.

Get this correct and you will be rewarded.

  • Use data to understand what your customers are looking for
  • Plan your site structure by using this data as the key
  • Optimise every page for your users (not the search engines)
  • Create quality content regularly to drive qualified searches
  • Use traditional media & PR to promote your content

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What you need to know about SEO, content and publication

Content & Public Relations Deliver Results

Google changes faster than Usain Bolt can sprint, yet one thing that has remained constant is the fact that well crafted, customer focussed content still delivers bulk traffic & organic leads.

Combine a highly focussed, strategic content strategy with traditional PR and you have a machine that will drive your site’s authority and ranking in the search engines.

We write for humans (Google loves it too)

Based on the data analysis we know exactly what to write to reach your target market and capitalise on their research & buying behaviours.

Our in house writing team understand your business at a level that is needed to articulate your true message, making you stand out above your competitors.

The gift that keeps on giving

While paid advert traffic sources can be instantaneous, it also stops delivering leads as soon as your budget is exhausted.

Organic content once published, indexed & promoted, delivers traffic & leads for many months & even years as we see time & time again.

It’s all about your total authority

Authority in the market place counts. Your competitors will fear you, your industry applaud you, and your market will flock to you.

We will elevate your position in the market so you can ‘cash’ in and reap the rewards that are available for those that seek them.

Can you afford not to be doing content marketing?

The results speak for themselves when it comes to strategic and well thought out content marketing. This solid & proven traffic & lead source has been the foundation of our client’s success from day one.

Success builds success, and a methodical, regular, and well planned content syndication plan will build strong and deep foundations for your online footprint.

Combining your best content with the ability of public relations to broadcast and promote is a powerful formula that is guaranteed to catapult you above your competition and increase your relevance to your target market.

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Our SEO, Content & Public Relations Process

Data Analysis

The task of accurate research into what motivates your customers to search for your products or services is a job we take very seriously and we collate and analyse real time Google consumer data.

We relate our analysis to your business objectives to drive a highly targeted marketing campaign for your business.


Forget about ad hoc content publishing. Our content is carefully planned and scheduled so that we can hit all bases and leave no stone unturned.

It is not uncommon for us to plan 12 months in advance, as we know exactly what your market is searching for.

Topic & Writing

Our content specialists will immerse themselves into the data, your business and your market identifying opportunities for content that will resonate with your customers.

We will produce articles for your website, press releases, white papers, infographics and other specialised pieces of golden content.

Syndication & PR

Our highly acclaimed syndication and outreach strategy promotes your articles to a wider audience encouraging potential customers to visit your website to read the article in full.

Our PR partners will guide you through promoting your content to a wider audience driving your website’s authority and, as a consequence, your rankings in the search engines.