Having had our genesis in the aggressively competitive / results oriented business sector of small to medium businesses Oracle Digital is fully versed in the essential nature of delivering measurable and meaningful results and caring about every dollar spent

Digital Marketing was barely a babe in arms as the clock ticked over on December 31, 1999, however, since then it has grown to a sizeable industry that gobbles up over 50 cents of every dollar spent on advertising around the globe.

At Oracle Digital we have mirrored this growth, starting off as an SEO company 10 years ago growing to a multi-discipline marketing agency as we head towards the new roaring twenties…

As a marketing agency Oracle Digital provides the following products and services;-

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Marketing Strategy

Oracle Digital has a well structured process for defining individual strategies for clients.It is liquid and changes all the time based on technology movements and market movements.

We go through a really structured process with the client to understand who their business is, what vertical they live in, how they see their target market, what are their products, what’s their product selling strategies and what’s their short / midterm business growth requirements.

We attempt to understand who they see as their audiences and their key demographics. What are the psychograhic behaviours that drive them.We analyse what their existing marketing activities look like and off the back of that we start to paint a picture around what tools we’re gonna pull out of the toolkit, within the strategy and what we think is the best pathway forward.

All of this inputs into the marketing strategy.

Web Development and Deployment

Commonly people would take the term “web development” to simply mean the design and coding of websites, and, it is certain that here at Oracle Digital we have a long and successful history in that area not only for our own customers, however, as a “white label” contract developer for larger national PR and marketing agencies.

What is just as important is the experience thinking and technologies behind how we deploy more complex systems to create unique experiences for customers visiting a web property and how we deploy the code that measures and reports on their activities whilst visiting those resources.

If we could say to you that is is possible to quickly create deploy and measure the analytics from a matrix of custom build website landing pages that cover 10 or 20 unique visitor career types, multiple location variations and life stage variations on top of that and do all of that within weeks would you believe us? That could run to 200 new and unique landing pages….

Designing and building a website is simply the beginning. Moving forward the intelligence and the complexity comes in how the page successfully interacts on a very personal level with a well qualified and motivated site visitor who has been specifically sent to that page.

Social Media – Organic and Paid

An essential component of most digital marketing campaigns is what we call organic or natural social media brand management.Organic social media brand management integrates like a Swiss watch with paid social media advertising campaigns.

One is managing the consistent content and message that a brand promotes and the other one is direct advertising campaigns linked into highly targeted audiences that we know have got the propensity to buy or enquire about that product.

Facebook has done up a beautiful job, particularly the last two or three years of being able to integrate brands and marketing messages into what previously was a very personalised timeline experience.

Facebook’s Ad technology and our own strategy and intelligence helps drive that, however, we believe that because social is just that, it’s people interacting with people. The planning strategy and approach to the content you push through those channels is the overriding key to success.Even more than the message, it’s about knowing your audience and making sure that you put in the right stuff in front of them at the right time, rather than just saying “this is who we are as a brand, we believe you should buy this and we’re going to hit you as much as possible socially”?

There’s more of an experiential piece around content and the experience you as a brand create in social which is very very different to what you might put on a bus back a commercial on TV.

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A Little Bit About Google

No marketing agency story would be complete without a discussion on Google these days. Google is the 10,000lb gorilla in the room.Google provides multiple ways for us all to pay the game. Google Adwords, the Google search algorithm, You Tube and YouTube Advertising etc etc…

In terms of search Google’s objectives are clear and that is to provide relevant and useful search results for their customers. If a page on your website does that then Google may reward you with a rise in the SERPs.

Will that be sufficient to get you onto position 1 / page 1? Well that depends upon a number of factors including your competition for the particular keyword phrase you are trying to rank.

What is more important (and many fail completely to understand this) is to use data to strategise which keyword terms are going to drive your bottom line. There is no point at all in Oracle Digital itself getting to position 1 / page 1 for a keyword that does not drive leads or sales. That is simply vanity and vanity does not pay the bills.

Similarly if we have huge competitors who are all over the main keywords then we could spend a huge amount of time and effort trying to achieve a ranking that simple logic tells us is not possible because of our size and reach.It may be far wiser to rank highly for a higher number of longer tail keyword phrases. We can use data analysis to find these keyword phrases and strategy sessions to work out which ones will deliver us the best qualified and motivated traffic to our website.

As traffic from smartphones and people using voice to phrase Google searches increases the smart agencies will focus on helping their clients create and consistently publish relevant and useful content that promotes longer tail keyword phrases.