Marketing no longer needs to be about “gut feel”. Analysis of accurate information removes the guesswork so we can focus on the facts.

Mining & analysing data about your industry, customers and competitors delivers better ROI through more focused marketing.

  • Get results that really matter to your business
  • Understand real customer actions in your market
  • See industry and market trends as they occur
  • Use your competitor’s information to make more sales
  • Identify your weak spots and fix them fast

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What you need to know about data analysis

Guessing Is For Your Competitors

Your target market think about your products & services in certain ways. Trying to guess these terms to use in your radio, TV, print, & online ads will ensure that you waste large amounts of your marketing budget. We find the terms, and make sure all your ads resonate with your audience.

Decipher Google Data & Profit

Our in house data analysts will collate real time & historical Google consumer data, before segmenting data sets with very specific key phrases. These key phrases then form the basis of our clients entire marketing message and campaign.

Multi Channel Advertising

With your completed data analysis, we work closely with your radio, TV, & print marketing campaign managers. Our objective is to work on your behalf to ensure that your ad creatives are telling your audience exactly what they want to hear.

Complete Online Domination

Taking what we already know works, we build out and deliver our clients a powerful online marketing campaign. By applying our data analysis into our copywriting, page architecture, PPC, & organic marketing, your online marketing will have you dominating your competition and increasing your market share.

Our Data Analysis Greases All Our Cogs

It is the foundation research and logic based segmentation that our in-house analysts complete, that drive every other section of our client’s marketing.

Upon completion of the deep analysis, our core team from each department converge to consolidate the results.

The results are then discussed and verified with our clients ensuring we present an accurate, consistent & precise message throughout each marketing channel.

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Our Data Analysis Process

Business Analysis

Firstly we will sit down and go through our strategic & thorough Business Analysis plan with our new clients to understand their key business objectives, products / services, their market and their competition.

This forms the basis and foundation of our work together as all marketing initiatives must directly relect and contribute to the client’s business objectives.

Data Collation &Analysis

Once we have the relevant information our in house data analysts will commence to collate & analyse data from various sources to identify the key potential areas for the success of the marketing campaign.

By the time they have finished this process, we possess a data model that can be applied to our marketing strategies to drive results in key areas.


Now that we have an extremely rich horde of Google consumer data, we will work with our clients and eliminate anything that either does not fit in with their business now, or if they have no plans on capitalising on any new opportunities that we uncover.

This ensures the client’s marketing investment will not be wasted in areas that will not deliver motivated customers who are ready to purchase.


What we are left with is possibly the most valuable marketing data that your business will ever lay its hands on.

Your competitors are now at a massive disadvantage. We will workshop the data set with all departments in our organisation, ensuring complete cohesiveness for your online marketing.