The one thing you can be sure of is that our Google Adwords management will make your phone ring.

It can be a long and hard road to get to the top of the rankings in Google. Paid web marketing with Adwords, however, can drive immediate results.

  • Results within days not months
  • Directly target your audience & your competitors
  • Find people who specifically want your product or service
  • Keep your brand uppermost on your customer’s mind
  • Slow down your advertising or speed it up as necessary
  • Align your budget spend to your results

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Why You Need To Partner With Oracle Digital

Over promised & under delivered?

By far the biggest gripe we hear from our ‘rescued’ clients, is that they were promised everything yet received little. For five years we have under promised and over delivered, and we have no plans to change that.

Sick and tired of poor customer service?

We guarantee that every support request that is sent in business hours, will be acknowledged within 60 minutes. Our company culture ensures that we only hire team members that treat clients and their businesses with the utmost respect.

Do you own your campaign and data?

Most PPC agencies own your campaign and all your data. If you ever decide to move to another agency all your history is gone forever. With Oracle Digital, you own everything. No strings attached.

Are you ready for instant results?

We know that you need more leads for your business to succeed, and that’s why we have a unique process that produces powerful results for our clients. It’s like turning on a tap wide open. If you are ready to be shown more about our highly successful formula, contact us now.

Our Google Adwords Management Works So Well Because
All Our Team Are Involved

A highly successful Google Adwords campaign is only possible once the best minds converge.

At Oracle Digital Marketing, our Data Analyst, your dedicated PPC Manager, Design Co-ordinator, and our Company Directors, are all involved in high level strategy sessions for every single Google Adwords client.

Once your Google Adwords campaigns are up and running we measure and analyse their performance constantly fine-tuning to deliver higher quality leads to your in-box.

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Our Google Adwords Process

Analysis – Data Mining

Our first challenge is to understand your business, your industry and your main competitors.

During this phase we conduct several interviews with you and then use the information we gather to research historical consumer behaviour.

This is achieved by analysing real time Google consumer data to determine exactly how to structure your campaign ensuring the best possible return on your investment.


Having understood your KPI’s, your industry, your competitors and existing consumer behaviour our team works closely with you to determine the best strategies to identify, attract & convert consumers who are ready to purchase your products or services.

In this phase we also review related properties that will have an effect on your success including your website and your Social Media assets.

Where items can be improved to increase your chances of success we provide detailed information on what needs to be done.


In this phase our Perth based Adwords specialists will construct your Adwords campaign to the highest level of best practice.

Your Adwords campaign may include Adwords Search, Display, Remarketing and / or Google Merchant.

Once complete your campaign is turned on and leads begin to flow directly to your telephone and your inbox.

The well thought out strategies and processes now begin to reap your business the rewards you rightly deserve.

Measurement & Management

Once your campaigns are live we continue to monitor your results and continuously improve them.

With data that tracks from the very second your campaign is turned on, our resident Data Analyst works hand in hand with your Adwords Manager.

They painstakingly investigate the results, identifying new opportunities, and ensuring your marketing budget is worked to it’s highest potential.