Our technology division creates the platform from which our other divisions deliver their client focussed results. It is customer focussed and customer priority driven.

Technologies applies to all of our other business units at some point in time as off the back of our advisory component or from our marketing agency or content businesses, quite often what will happen is, there is a need to build a bit of technology to do things better or faster.

In some cases we’re building technologies whose primary outcome is better research results or off the shelf products, to feed to our marketing system.

Much of our technology development for content is going into our own intellectual property delivering systems around publishing and digital publishing. Everything we’re building, we’re building, because this is what the markets asking us to build rather than what we think is going to be cool and funky to build.

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Marketing Analytics

The other area with technologies that we put a fair bit of energy into is Marketing Analytics including data management platforms and marketing analytics.

Understanding where your marketing / advertising dollar is being spent and how much is being returned for every dollar spent with a high degree of accuracy is a cornerstone for any marketing campaign.

This is an area where digital technologies can excel.

In terms of being able to create analytics, mapping our analytic strategy out, if we’re running large marketing campaigns and then make sure that we’re using the technologies or the most current analytics processes to capture and record on that, and that’s really important because accuracy is essential.

Web Development Technologies

Commonly people would take the term “web development” to simply mean the design and coding of websites.

What is just as important is the experience thinking and technologies behind how we deploy more complex systems to create unique experiences for customers visiting a web property and how we deploy the code that measures and reports on their activities whilst visiting those resources.

If we could say to you that is is possible to quickly create deploy and measure the analytics from a matrix of custom build website landing pages that cover 10 or 20 unique visitor career types, multiple location variations and life stage variations on top of that and do all of that within weeks would you believe us? That could run to 200 new and unique landing pages….

Designing and building a website is simply the beginning. Moving forward the intelligence and the complexity comes in how the page successfully interacts on a very personal level with a well qualified and motivated site visitor who has been specifically sent to that page.

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