At Oracle Digital we take a holistic approach to your web marketing and this is never more important that when it comes to executing your marketing strategies.

A holistic approach to your digital marketing and your web assets links your investment tightly together ensuring you get the best possible return on your investment.

  • Data analysis drives strategies and strategies determine our actions
  • Websites and landing pages need to be tuned to your marketing campaigns
  • All the relevant web assets need to be completed and running when you go live
  • Measurement is an integral part of driving improvement so it needs to be integrated right from the get go

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At OD we have the in-house experience, knowledge, project management and processes to ensure your new digital marketing campaign delivers no unpleasant surprises

Google Adwords & Bing Ads Deliver Sales

Paid web marketing is a way to fast track your sales online. A well structured campaign can get your phone ringing almost immediately.

At OD we’re are experts at creating digital marketing campaigns and Google Adwords management.

Our data driven, strategic approach combines with expert implementation and continuous improvement to give you the jump on your competition.

We go to great lengths to save your hard earned marketing budget from being wasted on clicks from people who are not pre-qualified, potential customers.

Not all Websites are Equal

Your website has a well defined role within your business. It is a 24 / 7 sales person and it needs to deliver results.

The design must resonate with your market and it must be structured to drive your potential customers into your sales funnel. In our terms, it must convert!

It should look (and work) great on smartphones and include specific code that makes the search engines clearly understand your location, business hours and more.

In short, your website is way too important to your business to entrust to anyone other than a digital marketing professional.

Social Media Marketing For Business

Just thinking about the different Social Media platforms can bring on a state of confusion or paralysis from a marketing perspective.

By taking a strategic approach and investing on the most relevant platforms to your customers and for your business we can cut through the pain.

By integrating your Social Media Marketing with Oracle Digital you get the benefit of alignment of all of your digital marketing activities into a coherent set of strategies and web assets.

SEO & Content Marketing Succeeds Over Time

Whilst paid web marketing is great for a short term boost, once you turn the money tap off the leads evaporate.

SEO & Content Marketing deliver much longer term results by gradually improving your position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for various keywords.

This has never been so important as today with smartphones and audio interfaces such as Siri being used for searches. Ranking for longer tail keywords and being able to answer more complex customers questions direct from search has never been so important.

Your car Isn’t a combination of parts from Holden, Ford, Toyota and Hyundai and neither should your web marketing

Your web marketing success depends upon a holistic approach.

Attraction channels such as Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, referring websites, public relations etc need to be sent to a website that is relevant to the channel and the content that attracted the site visitor.

Each component needs to include the relevant analytics and measurement code in order to bring clarity to the activities of your site visitors.

It is not sufficient to get a lead or a sale. It is essential to know where that lead came from, which of your web assets it interacted with along the way and which asset is performing and which isn’t.

Guesswork costs money and time. Both of which are in short supply in both our businesses.

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The Implementation Process

Data Analysis & Strategy

If there is one thing you would have understood from reading our website then it is our commitment to collating the relevant data, analysing the data and then working with our clients to set meaningful strategies.

This is at the core of everything we do here at Oracle Digital.

How can you know that you are reaching the right people with a message that is relevant to them unless you do your research first?

How is it possible to improve if you are unsure of what success means to your business?

Implementation & Project Management

When the time comes to make it all happen you do not want it all to take forever or face a wall of ominous silence.

With Oracle Digital you are always part of the process – a process which is controlled by our Project Management system, ODIE.

Our Directors, project managers, support team and accounts team are always ready to provide updates or to answer your questions in a timely manner.

Our extensive experience with digital marketing projects and our task driven, quality management systemised approach leave little chance for things to fall through the cracks.

A Team Driven Approach to Other Suppliers

At Oracle Digital we do understand that you may have a strong relationship that you want to maintain with an existing supplier.

After all, it is not essential that we deliver everything you need, however, it is essential that everything (and everyone) works together for the good of the whole.

We will be open and honest with each supplier and take their feedback on board where necessary. In many cases they may have a better way of achieving a specialised task than we do.

When we do not believe this to be true we will share our reasoning.

Measurement Drives Continuous Improvement

One area where we will not compromise is in the ongoing measurement of your web assets and marketing campaigns.

It is essential that we know what is working and what isn’t. How many calls you are getting, how many form submissions there have been from your website.

Knowing how many leads you have converted to sales and getting feedback as to why these people converted is another extremely valuable diamond of information in order to fine tune for improved ROI.