If your business is investing marketing budget on radio advertising, then this article is guaranteed to provide you with some powerhouse strategies to maximise your marketing returns. It will also empower your learning, to further understand, how your digital efforts are the pivotal ingredient for driving your overall marketing decisions.

We may be digital marketing over achievers here at Oracle Digital but we are firm believers in multi channel marketing activities to drive maximum revenue from your overall marketing budgets. Radio advertising is one of those channels; so today we want to share with you, some powerful digital strategies that we have employed for many of our clients to boom their radio advertising returns.

Understanding Your Target Customers

Most businesses who chose to advertise on the radio, will at very least have an appealing website which easily connects their business offering to their target customers. Generally speaking, with that, comes the measurement of your website and visitor activities using software tracking platforms like Google Analytics.

In very recent times, there have been massive advances in the capabilities of Google Analytics, to accurately collect critical customer (website visitors) insights, and further report on how these audiences perform in relation to new enquiries and revenue.

Some of the powerful customer insights we can measure are:

  • Demographics (age/gender).
  • Interest Categories – are your customers movie lovers or DIY lovers?
  • Geographic Information (location/languages). Where are your customers more precisely located?
  • Customer Behaviour – new vs. returning visitors etc.

Powerful insights like those mentioned above drive smarter advertising decisions such as:

  • Choosing A Radio Station best suited to engage our target customers.
  • Key Marketing Messages that will connect with these audiences & quicker.
  • Time of Day to Advertise when our target customers will respond most to our advertising.
  • Specific Radio Segments that will appeal most to our target customers based on their interests.

Radio Statistics and Reports Come To Life With Digital Insights

radio advertising report

Tip: Armed with these insights, carefully consider our advice when selecting a radio station with the best customer demographic to meet your advertising goals.

The Marketing Experience – Before & After The Radio Ad

Maintaining a targeted, streamlined and relevant message across your marketing campaigns is crucial to success. Success to us, in digital nerd terms, is conversion. Converting a prospect into enquirers and from enquirers, into customers and revenue – that’s what really makes us excited here at Oracle Digital!

Many businesses get caught up in the hype of micro managing the production of the perfect radio commercial, because it’s important of course and exciting during the whole radio advertising process. But what many businesses fail to address, is what kind of experience their prospects will receive, when listening to the radio ad and once they’ve heard your ad and taken the desired action.

So often we hear great radio ads, with the perfect catch cry, only to find when we head to the website where we were instructed to visit, we enter the abyss of lost information, a complete disconnect between your powerful radio advertising campaign and the information you have provided that prospect on your website.

Here is how we are driving the “marketing experience” for our customers and booming their radio advertising conversions:

  • Using Keyword Data To Drive Radio Scripts digital provides a data history of words and phrases that your customers most successfully respond. Using this data to drive your radio ad scripts will increase the front line response rates of those campaigns, resulting in more enquirers.
  • Use Targeted Landing Pages we create targeted landing pages that promote and expand upon the key product and/or marketing message being promoted in the radio ad. This creates a relevant and streamlined experience for the customer, resulting in more enquirers.
  • Conversion Optimised Page – we use data driven conversion factors on our landing pages, which increase the overall number of people who will take an action and become an enquirer. Conversion is a science; not a guessing game and it will result in significantly more enquirers.
  • Radio Optimised Digital Campaigns – for our clients who run digital marketing campaigns alongside their radio advertising, we carefully create digital radio campaign ad schedules to ensure that we maximise your digital visibility during radio broadcasting schedules. We also customise the advertising copy to closely align with your radio ad scripts.

digital marketing for radio

Tip: Choose your call to action wisely when preparing your radio campaigns. Be clear in your marketing objectives going into your campaigns, and be sure to create a closely aligned call to action to match those objectives.

Measuring The Success Of Your Radio Advertising

What you fail to measure, you cannot improve. This is a steadfast and cultural belief that runs through our veins here at Oracle Digital. One of the huge benefits to the emergence of digital marketing is the ability to track and measure your marketing activities in granular detail, both online and offline marketing activities.

We have implemented some powerful measurement techniques to ensure that our clients understand and capitalise on the real value that radio advertising is bringing to their business:

  • Vanity Call To Action – instead of directing your radio advertising prospects to com.au, we send those prospects via a unique website address that powerfully represents the nature of the radio advertising campaign.

Example: if you’re a builder and you wish to run a radio campaign about your double storey homes, we might consider acquiring and promoting doublestoreyhomes.com.au as your call to action, and seamlessly we re-direct that unique website address to a landing page of our choice. By doing this, we can intimately track how many visitors came via that unique website address, and what the outcomes were from each one of those visitors, a complete set of data, right through to how many enquirers we achieved.

  • Unique Phone Numbers – assuming that we are using targeted landing page experiences (as discussed above), we also use unique phone numbers to track the volume of phone calls that we receive from your radio advertising campaigns.
  • Things We Measure – we measure a huge set of performance data including – number of visits, date/time of visits, volume of enquiries (web/phone/store) etc. All these factors help to understand the real value of radio advertising and further optimise your campaigns for maximum enquirer conversions.

Tip: Clearly define what the marketing goals are for your radio advertising campaigns before you implement your measurement system. Are you trying to achieve, phone/web enquiries, store visits, brand reinforcement etc? This will dictate what system you put in place to measure performance.

So, if you are passionate about growing your business and wresting back control – contact Oracle Digital on 1300 735 715 today!
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