Landing pages are any page that a site visitor “lands” on.

They may come direct to your homepage by entering your web address or via a link to an internal page or via paid marketing to a custom page or to any page via many other channels.

custom landing pageSo a landing page could be (and commonly is) any number of pages located on your website or, sometimes, off your website.

This article deals specifically with “custom landing pages“.

These are landing pages that have been specifically developed with a prime objective and that objective is overwhelmingly to get your business more revenue.

Why Develop Custom Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages commonly feature information that is available on other pages on your website so why go to the trouble and expense of the additional development?

In summary;-

  • Custom Landing Pages are designed to improve site visitor experience leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Custom Landing Pages allow us to market specific products in a precise way, to precise audiences leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Custom Landing Pages improve marketing ROI considerably by consistently increasing the number of enquiries from the same marketing budget.

What Makes A Custom Landing Page Deliver These Super Powers?

Custom Landing Pages are developed to a consistent formula that combines the following;-

  • Knowledge of your company and your industry
  • Knowledge of your site visitors and their habits online
  • Knowledge of traffic sources and channels
  • Strategy on how to link all of the above for the best possible outcome
  • Design experience, knowledge and application that speaks to your audience
  • Copywriting experience, knowledge and application that speaks to your audience
  • Online marketing experience, knowledge and application that speaks to your audience
  • Technical experience, knowledge and application that minimise the things that distract your site visitors from your main objectives
  • Ongoing measurement of results (conversion rate, ROI, cost per click etc) with reference back to the strategy
  • Ongoing changes to fine-tune based on the above…

The Anatomy Of A Custom Landing Page

To illustrate a little of the above let’s look at an example of a Custom Landing Page.

“Here’s one we prepared earlier…”

custom landing page

1. Phone Number – Call To Action #1

  • Phone call enquiries are typically important metrics for marketing campaigns.
  • Prominent Positioning of the phone number is key.
  • Using a defining and different “conversion colour” is important. Your conversion colour is a single colour, vastly different to the other colour schemes on your landing page. It is specifically designed to attract the audience’s eyes.

2.    Distraction Ratio – Isolating The Visitor

  • There are no navigation menus on most landing pages.
  • This ensures that the visitor is not distracted from the core content and the prime call to action on the landing page.

3.    The Importance of Your Headline Statement

  • This statement should powerfully connect the audience to the product immediately.
  • If the custom landing page is part of your Paid Marketing campaign this statement should align perfectly with your PPC ad copy.

 4.    Real People Imagery – Striking Emotion

  • Our world is driven by interaction with the human kind – whether in person or online.
  • Use targeted imagery of real people that fit the ideal customer type for your business or product.
  • Use of “stock images” should be very limited as they can make your business look phony.

5.    Connecting Product To Customer – In Simple Terms

  • Think about what the expectations of your audience will be specifically in relation to your product offering.
  • Articulate this clearly and quickly in a way that is easy for the customer to understand.
  • Avoid over use of complicated and/or meaningless text for the customer.
  • NEVER use jargon unless your audience is very technical and attuned to your jargon.
  • Don’t get caught in passionate, self-righteous clutter.

6.    Social Proof – People Trust People

  • Show your audiences real proof from customers that trust your brand/products.
  • Do not make up customers – use real ones. People can smell a fake a mile away.

7.    Web Forms – Call To Action #2

  • Web forms are common way to capture new enquiries.
  • Don’t overpopulate your web forms with unnecessary form fields.
  • Ask for only the critically important information that you need to service their initial enquiry.
  • Every form field you introduce, can possibly reduce the number of enquiries you receive – substantially!
  • More form fields can increase the barrier to contact.
  • Using a defining and different “conversion colour” is important. Your conversion colour is a single colour, vastly different to the other colour schemes on your landing page. It is designed to attract the site visitor’s eyes.

8.    Creating A Worthy Guarantee

  • Any business can present and promote a product that seems attractive.
  • Offer a powerful guarantee and offer that makes your audience feel more secure in deciding to contact your business.
  • This is all about risk reduction for the customer and showing the high level of confidence you have in your own product / service.

9.    Points Of Difference – Things That Matter

  • This area can be used to emphasise the key strengths of your company, when compared against your competitors.
  • Can also be used to agitate fear and/or scarcity towards your product/service.

10. Displaying Location – Reinforcing Confidence

  • Displaying your business address location reinforces that you are a genuine business, worthy of contacting. Not some dodgy operator without any fixed address.

 11. The Curious Customer – When To Offer More

  • Not everyone will be convinced during their stay on your landing page.
  • For these people, you want to offer them the ability to read more information, instead of losing them forever.
  • Positioning this option at the bottom of the landing page is critical here.
  • If someone remains engaged in your landing page, all the way to the bottom, offering navigation away from this landing page earlier has not compromised the distraction ratio. They have read to the bottom of the page because they are looking for more information before making a decision to proceed.

12. The Things You Do Not See….

  • Landing Page Load Times – Our landing pages load commonly in under 2 seconds. This compares to average page load times, of approximately 5-15 seconds. Load time is critical to the overall success in achieving more leads from your landing pages.
  • Ability To Rank In Search Engines – The way we develop our landing pages, we have the capacity to bring these pages to the top of the Google search engine rankings, for targeted and profitable keywords that relate to your products. Organic traffic further improves your overall marketing results and ROI.
  • Mobile & Tablet Responsive – All landing pages should offer an equally pleasant experience for your site visitor no matter what device they use to access the page – desktop, smartphone or tablet.

A Low Cost Way To Improve The ROI From Your Marketing Investment

If done correctly Custom Landing Pages are a very low cost way to improve the ROI from your marketing spend.

By definition your website’s homepage is commonly a compromise.

If you have multiple products and services it commonly presents all or most of them or at least your product / service categories.

It introduces your company without going into too much detail (we have all seen the ubiquitous “Welcome To Our Website” headline right)?

Additionally product or service pages on most websites are quite dry and shy away from conversion techniques in order to not overwhelm site visitors with a “hard sell”.

Once again these pages are a compromise for good reasons.

A Custom Landing Page is developed for one reason and one reason alone. To convert!

The global data from Custom Landing Pages is conclusive and decisive – when done correctly they improve conversion rates and ROI.

And, after all, isn’t that what we are all trying to achieve…

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